Chaos/Order • Acrylic on canvas28x45, 1500usd


She shoots • Acrylic on canvas 28x22 2000usd

six • Acrylic on canvas 30x30 Sold

The Grotto • Acrylic on canvas 20x20, 800usd

4 seasons • Acrylic on canvas

12x24, 400usd

She's fast • Acrylic on canvas 24x24 Sold

The koi pond • Acrylic on canvas 24x36 Sold

The Dook • Acrylic on canvas 24x36 Sold

New Year • Acrylic on canvas 21x34 1000usd

Water three ways • Acrylic on canvas 24x30, 800usd

The city never sleeps • Acrylic on canvas 21x34, 1000usd

Koi Division• Acrylic on canvas 30x40, white metal frame,1800usd

The blackest, blackest blue • Acrylic on canvas 24x60, black metal frame, 2000usd

Seeing daylight •

Acrylic on canvas 18x36


Broken light • Acrylic on canvas

12x24, 400usd

I began painting when I was 10 years old.
My step father liked to dabble with oils and thought it might be a good idea to try and channel some of my preteen energy into something productive; I was always drawing and I loved building model cars and airplanes that I would paint in craziest of designs.
He and my mother decided to hire a private tutor for me to help me better appreciate and understand art.
She taught me the fundamentals of composition and how to understand light and shadow. I learned pen and ink, watercolors and eventually oils.
To this day I still use her techniques.
Over the years, I moved away from using brushes to using palette knives and now I primarily paint with acrylics using wooden dowels, or ‘sticks’.
Painting with sticks gives me a much more organic interface between my mind and the canvas.