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Ep2: North Island, New Zealand

On Polynesian tattoo

This project came about one night when I was talking with some kupuna at a graduation party. It occurred to me that the knowledge that the older generations possess of life in Hawaii during the times of the sugar plantations is something that needed to be documented for future generations.

The stories told are amazing accounts of island life before things like telephones and shoes were a common thing.

We also ended up obtaining old archival footage of the trains that were used to carry the sugar to port as well as the port itself in full operation.

This wouldn't have been possible if not for the senior citizens of Kohala and their willingness to sit down and talk story about the good old days.

I even interviewed my grandmother!

This is Polynesian tattoo

Keeping things close to home, I talk about tattoos and get into some Hawaiian history about the area where I live.

Episode 1: Dendermonde, Belgium
I visit an artist in Belgium and talk to her about her creative process. I also interview a few of her clients and talk to them about collecting tattoos.

I tattoo a few people and fall in love with the place.

Pilot: Big Island

Kupuna o Kohala

Episode 3: Berlin, Germany
Visiting this historic city changed my outlook on myself as an artist. I came away from this trip truly inspired to create better art.

I visit the Berlin Wall, do a bunch of tattoos at a tattoo convention and talk with a man that loves America and tattoos.

I also talk about what it's like being a tattoo artist.

What is Polynesian tattoo? pt1

What is Polynesian tattoo? pt2

Ep1: Dendermonde, Belgium

My interest in video started at an early age when my best friend got a VHS camcorder for his birthday.

We made stop action movies with a set we created from a shoe box and craft paint. Our star was a stuffed chicken that was always getting into trouble.

I also had a boutique animation company back in the late '90's that provided interactive animations for start-up companies in Silicon Valley showcasing technology and user interface with web based applications.

Tattoo Nomad is a way to showcase my adventures as I tattoo my way around the globe.

I interview other artists and talk about their creative process and I also talk with people that collect tattoos and have a love for the art form.

It's a ton of fun and keeps me inspired to create better art.

On Cultural Preservation

Ep3: Berlin, Germany

This series was created as a way for me to share the knowledge that I had accrued writing my books on Polynesian tattoo.

There is a lot of information for both the artist and those interested in this facet of Polynesian culture.

Tattoo Nomad®

Episode 2: North Island, New Zealand
Expecting New Zealand to be like Hawaii in terms of culture and scenery, I quickly discover that it has a groove of its own that doesn't quite fit into a neat definition.

I drive all over the North Island to meet artists and collectors that are as unique as the place they live.

I do a tattoo and visit a tattoo convention.