He started Tattoo Nomad® at the beginning of 2017 and the show is the direction of his brand moving forward. It centers on the notion of traveling the world and tattooing while also exploring tattoo culture in those areas, the artists that create extraordinary art and the people that collect it. Celebrating tattoo culture and spreading Polynesian culture whenever he can!

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Ana'ole Polynesian Tattoo

B/w • Art Reference

152 pages • $30.00

Books [by Roland]

Join me, as I tattoo my way around the world!

Tattoo Nomad Webisodes

The Son of Fire

B/w • Fiction

333 pages • $12.00

Tattoo Nomad: Dendermonde, Belgium (episode 1)

Rolandtattoo visits Dendermonde, Belgium and Trash Tattoo. He meets some nice people and discovers the tattoo culture of Belgium.

No smurfs were harmed in the making of this video (not that we didn't try).

Runtime: 21min


The 2017 PIAE was great and although I got food poisoning on the first day, I did manage to do some work. Thank you to all that came by the booth!

Tattoo Nomad is moving right along and I hope to have a schedule for when the Big Island pilot will air on local public station, Na Leo. I will post air times when I get them.

Also, we are working on our shooting schedule for the next episode of Tattoo Nomad and when I have those dates locked down, I will be sure to let everyone know where and when the filming will begin. So far, our options are New Zealand, Australia and Scotland.

Please keep posted and thanks for visiting!


Season 4

Videos on polynesian tattoo

Roland Pacheco

24/7 Ink interview

Tattoo Nomad: Big Island (pilot)

This pilot was supposed to be a sizzle reel but quickly grew into a full episode.

I talk about my history and the history of Polynesian tattoo as it pertains to Hawaii.

In the tattoo segment, I explore the importance of ancestral connections and remembering those that have come before us.

Runtime: 20min

Fundamentals of Traditional

and Modern Polynesian Tattoo

B/w • Art Reference

227 pages • $40.00

Kiko and the Sunshine Patch

B/w • Adult/All ages coloring book

Tattoo flash quality artwork

Quirky and fun narrative to honor the life of a beloved friend

Proceeds from book sales go to the Big Island Dog Rescue to help relocate adoptable cats and dogs from Hawaii to no-kill shelters on the U.S. mainland

50 pages • $12.00

Sample artwork from Kiko and the Sunshine Patch

Tat2 magazine interview

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Skin Deep #256 interview

Roland is the owner of Xisle (exile) Custom Tattoo on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the town of Hawi. He has been tattooing for 11 years and specializes in traditional and modern Polynesian tattoo, and has also authored two books on the subject. That being said, Roland also enjoys black and grey work, color, Asian, realism, surrealism, impressionism and New School.


He has made a living from art and writing over the last 20 years and has clientele from all over the world.


As a contestant on Season 4 of Spike TV's Inkmaster, Roland brought his unique style of tattoo and unwavering spirit to New York with the hope of becoming Inkmaster.