Tattoo Nomad & Metal Dog Productions


Wow, this crazy new world we're in now is taking some getting used to. I hope everyone is healthy and safe. Things are going to be like this for a while but know that when I get back to tattooing that there will be some new protocols.

I've always been overly cautious about hygiene in my shop. My policy before this all began was not to tattoo anyone with cold/flu symptoms, in fact, if anyone came in with a sniffle or cough I would ask them to kindly leave. So that won't change.

Clients will be required to have a temperature reading (non-invasive IR thermometer reader), to wash their hands upon entering studio, disinfecting of phones (if brought in to studio) and to wear a provided, single use face mask.

It is my mission to ensure the safety of my clients and myself, moving forward.

We can get through this if we all use some common sense and remain civil toward one another.






Right before all this madness began (back in March, for us) I just finished painting a mural on the floor of my new art studio. So far this is the largest piece I have done to date.

I went with a koi theme and used sticks to paint it as I do with most of my paintings.

It was a challenge for sure.

Proportions, being what they are, required me to use larger diameter sticks and because I was painting on cement and not canvas, I had to modify the ends of the sticks to create a cushion between the two hard surfaces.

I decided to use the skin of a fish that we used to use here in during the old days to make drum heads. The Queenfish (Lai) has a very resilient skin that can stand up to some abuse if cured properly.

So I caught a Lai, skinned and salt-cured its skin then fastened that to the ends of the painting sticks.

They worked like a charm!

I rolled in the background of the mural because it would have taken forever with a stick. I also use some brushwork and acrylic pours to round it all out.

Below is a time-lapse video of the process.

Thank you for looking!