Roland is the owner of Xisle (exile) Custom Tattoo on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the town of Hawi. He has been tattooing for 8 years and specializes in traditional and modern Polynesian tattoo, and has also authored two books on the subject. That being said, Roland also enjoys black and grey work, color, Asian, realism, surrealism, impressionism and New School.

He has made a living from art and writing over the last 20 years and has clientele from all over the world.

As a contestant on season 4 of Spike TV's Inkmaster, Roland brought his unique style of tattoo and unwavering spirit to New York with the hope of becoming Inkmaster.

Books [by Roland]

Roland Pacheco

Fundamentals of Traditional

and Modern Polynesian Tattoo

B/w • Art Reference

227 pages • $40.00

Ana'ole Polynesian Tattoo

B/w • Art Reference

152 pages • $30.00

The Son of Fire

B/w • Fiction

333 pages • $12.00

celebrity zombies (11x15, watercolor)
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From 1990 to 1998 I was the lead vocalist and guitarist in a band called, Witchhook Sky. Based in Northern California, the band toured the West Coast producing vinyl, cassette tapes and CD's during the heyday of grunge and alternative heavy metal, sharing the stage with such acts as Agent Orange, Sublime, The Swinging Utters, and Good Riddance.

Please feel free to listen to and download the entire catalog of their classic songs, for free!

From 1996-2001, while I was living in California, I worked as a graphic designer at several companies around the Bay Area. During the Tech Bubble, I formed my own company, Shockcollar Interactive and created web-based animated shorts for Ford motors and Al Shugart International, among others. Because at the time, such technology was new, I quickly became the go-to for producing such works because no one knew how to use Macromedia Flash!

Anyone that has used Flash knows how much of a pain it is. I eventualIy couldn't create what I wanted to without learning more code (whichI really didn't want to do), so after 2004 I pretty much stopped using it.

Here are some examples of animations that I produced on my own while learning the program.

CARtoon, was my very first attempt at understanding how to create a storyboard, formulate work flow, timing and voice over. It is very low tech and absurb, but it has its moments.

Drugtoon, was my second attempt at animation and is a direct reflection of what happens to one's mind when locked in an apartment for 6 months learning a program.

The Adventures of Blue, was created as a short to accompany a character that I had created for my clothing company, Mano Hae. It was done in 2004 and is my most refined work.

All shorts were created using MM Flash, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I have other shorts and movies as well but thought that I would put these out first.


Music [by Roland]
Animation [by Roland]
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Here is my upcoming travel schedule and tour dates for spring. I will start off in Chicago, at the Tattoo Arts Convention, March 20-22. Then I'll be flying to Las Vegas and will be working at King Ruck's shop, Black Spade Tattoo, doing a guest spot for a week or so. Ruck and I will then drive to Scottsdale to see Bubba and Randy, I will also do a one or two day guest spot at Bubba's shop, Old Town Ink. The dates are going to be flexible from the end of March into April and may change, please follow me on Instagram (rolandtattoo) to stay tuned. I will finish off the tour in Galvaston Texas, working in the Fusion Ink booth.

If you are interested in gettting work done at any of these locations, please let me know ASAP.

Hope to see you soon!

Professional Art Background:

Since early 1990, Roland has worked in the Action Sport, Health supplement and Point of Purchase industries, lending his illustration and graphic design skills to a wide range of consumer products. By the late '90's, he had established his own multi-media company, Shockcollar Interactive, and was producing Flash-based animated e-commercials for tech companies in Silicon Valley, as well as working as a graphics consultant for such companies as Honda of North America, Ford, Bell Sports, Rock Shox, HP, Benchmade, Al Shugart International, Kenwood, and Pearson Communications.

Roland was mentored at the age of ten in classical oil, acrylic, pen and ink and water color.

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