Kiko and the Sunshine Patch

To honor the life of our dear friend, Kiko, my wife and I created a coloring book that takes her on an adventure to find a sunshine patch.

Her passing was hard on us both and we decided creating this book would help us deal with the loss.

Tattoo flash quality artwork.

B/w • Adult/All ages coloring book 50 pages • $12.00

Fundamentals of Traditional and Modern Polynesian Tattoo

I spent over two years researching and sourcing materials to create this book.

This book covers Hawaiian, Tahitian, Maori, Samoan and Marquesan tattoo styles and how best to interpret and implement the motifs of these Polynesian sister cultures.

B/w • Art Reference 227 pages • $40.00

Happiness is Complicated
This book is filled with stories from my past that illustrate just how ridiculous I have been in my expectations of what I believed was the right way to achieve happiness. It took me a very long time to understand that the biggest obstacle in my way to finding bliss was often myself. Life is complicated so it should make sense then that happiness wouldn't be any different! 266 pages, paperback 266 pages • $10.99

My first attempt at writing happened around the same time that I began to draw. I viewed it as an extension of my drawings and because I was raised with a healthy appetite for comic books it just seemed like a natural progression.
My first story was about a giant, man-eating shark. It was one page long and was a total rip off of Jaws. The only difference was that my shark was bigger and he ate twice as many people.
I kept at it over time, writing short stories and comics all the while trying to wrap my head around how to write a cohesive book.
It took me 25 years to figure it out.
My first complete manuscript was called, The Son of Fire. It was with this book that I had finally figured out a formula that worked for me.
Since then I have written several books, from art references to a coloring book.
My latest book is collection of some of my life stories and how I’ve used those anecdotes to maintain my happiness.
There’s a giant shark in this book, but thankfully, it doesn’t eat anyone.

The Son of Fire

This book is the first in the trilogy and tells the story of Ka La and the conflicts that begin to arise when he finds out that he has been personally selected by the goddess Pele to rid the world of all those that are unworthy.

Set in modern-day Hawaii, this story is a twist of humor, violence, social commentary and the supernatural.

paperback 333 pages • $12.00

Ana’ole Polynesian Tattoo

This book is my personal reinterpretation of traditional Hawaiian motifs done with modern stylings.

By including definitions and examples of objects that the ancient Hawaiian's used in everyday life and placing them in the context of tattoo art, my intention is to create a more robust folio of symbols.

B/w • Art Reference 152 pages • $30.00